Zulu Squad
Affiliation: New Republic
Designation: n/a
Station: Unknown
Strength: unknown
Rating: unknown
Sim Status: PC
Commanding Officers
"What we need is a special Marine unit. A crack team, assembled from the best in the 5th Corps. We need them to go in where others won't. Not another elite recon unit, not a team of the best sharpshooters in the Republic.
No, gentlemen. What we need are Marines who know they aren't invincible and still don't give a damn. Who will take on the loneliest, most dangerous, most potentially suicidal missions. I want Marines who will walk into a firefight with a slingshot and two marbles, who will jump into experimental devices on the off-chance it'll kill the enemy faster.
I want Marines who are utterly without fear. Marines who believe in the mission. Marines who believe that their own life pales in comparison to saving just one other soul.
— Unattributed at the moment

Some say Force Zulu is just a club. A sort of, "Hey howdy," from older Marines to younger ones. A way for those who have been awared medals for Valor, for Exceptional Heroism, to pat each other on the back.

This is partially true. Most Marines in Force Zulu have conspicuous awards for gallantry and heroism, for going above and beyond the call of duty. But this is more a shared commonality rather than a defining requirement for these Marines.

Force Zulu was designated as a semi-official Marine unit shortly before the loss of Coruscant. Simply put, Force Zulu Marines do not exist when they are not called for. They do not fall into a special platoon. Nor do they carry a special guidon. They exist on a sheet of paper in every Brigade Commander's hands. A considerably large slush fund that occasionally makes exorbitant deposits into personal accounts.

It's pay well earned. No Marine applies for Force Zulu. They are invited, after earning the right. Every Zulu Force Marine has done something insanely reckless and survived, overcome impossible odds to save another Marine's life. They are legends among the entire breadth of New Republic soldiery, mutual parts admiration and disbelief. And every time their story is told... it grows a little larger.

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