Ysanne Isard was an agent and later Director of Imperial Intelligence; a ruthless and cunning woman who earned herself the nickname "Iceheart", a pun on her last name. Though some considered her beautiful, she exhibited heterochromia iridium, possessing one red and one blue eye.

Isard was the daughter of the Director of the Senate Bureau of Intelligence, Armand Isard. As a youth, she grew up in the Emperor's court. When her father's department became the Imperial Intelligence Agency, Ysanne began her career as a field agent. After the formation of the New Order, the Emperor made many enemies whom he needed killed or imprisoned. Due to this, the Isards gained more power than ever before.

Ysanne became a great field agent and did not take advantage of her father's position. She was ambitious and formed alliances within Imperial Intelligence and began plotting behind her father's back.

Just before the Battle of Yavin, Rebel spies captured a datapack containing the coordinates and secrets of the new Death Star. Armand sent his daughter to recapture the datapack. She encountered Hal Horn and forced him to help her, but even with the help, she was not able to recapture the valuable information. She then realized why her father had sent her there, it was a suicide mission; he had wanted her dead. In retaliation, Ysanne pinned the failure of the Darkknell Mission on her father, as well as convincingly framing him for the terror attacks on Garm Bel Iblis which had caused his deflection to the Rebellion. Two Imperial Royal Guards then entered the Imperial Intelligence Director's office, flanking Armand, as he was whisked away to his grisly execution. A persistent rumor still circulates that Isard herself pulled the trigger on the blaster that killed her own father.

Ysanne Isard was then promoted to the position of Director of Imperial Intelligence. With her newfound authority, Isard pledged her allegiance to Palpatine and there were even rumors that the two were lovers. After Palpatine's death and the subsequent riots on Imperial Center, Isard deployed the Coruscant Guard and Stormtroopers to quell the riots and had thousands executed on the spot. With the Empire facing defeat, the Imperial Ruling Council took control of matters, with Sate Pestage spearheading the campaign to restore Imperial state control.

Pestage effectively became the interim de facto Emperor, and this obviously angered Isard, who sought her own control over the Empire. Isard, utilizing her control over Intelligence, began a smear campaign against Pestage and sought to win the favor of the Council. When the situation led to conflict between the two, it was Isard who lost, failing to gain the favor of the Imperial Military whom had pledge their allegiance to the Council. Isard was exposed and executed by Pestage, and she was replaced by Dekan.

Ysanne Isard is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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