The Yaartsek Liberation Army was an anti-Imperial resistance army founded in 14 ABY by Sike Bor, a former Major in the Imperial Army. Bor sought to liberate his world of Yaartsek from the oppression of Imperial rule. Raising an army of nearly four thousand, Bor was able to lead his Army to victory over the Imperial garrison. He declared independence from Imperial rule, requesting aid from the New Republic to assist them. Unfortunately for Bor and his Liberation Army, the aid did not come. Instead the Empire dispatched Task Force Hammer to quell the uprising.

The Army held the Imperial garrison as units of the 6th TF Hammer Army Battlegroup launched their attack. But the resistance fighters were poorly equipped; despite their best efforts, the garrison fell. The remnants of the Army holed themselves up in the capital, Majork, praying for Republic assistance. The entire Liberation Army was wiped out, each fighter rooted out and executed, even after they surrendered. Yaartsek was put back under firm Imperial rule.

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