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Wyth Skellheim was a Dark Side Adept under Emperor Palpatine, and served as one of the Emperor's lieutenants until his death. After the Battle of Endor, Wyth "served" the Interim Ruling Council until, in 5 ABY, he executed Warlord Dobbs and took over the remnants of the Galactic Empire.

He would disappear months later for unknown reasons, allowing Alaric Darkstar to assume his post, only to reappear again and attempt to reclaim his post, rallying support against Darkstar. Darkstar would win out in the end of the conflict, and Skellheim was either executed or disappeared into the far reaches of the galaxy, as this matter has been stricken from official Imperial records.

Galactic Emperor
Preceded By:
5 ABY - 5 ABY
Wyth Skellheim
Succeeded By:
Alaric Darkstar
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