The Widowmakers
Principality: Galactic Empire
Designation: ISAB-42 Widowmaker
Base/Wing: HIMS Inquisitor
Strength: 12 pilots
12 gunners
72 ground crew
Craft Used: Scimitar Assault Bomber
Rating: Frontline
Members of Merit
Liza Molokai, former CO

Widowmaker Squadron is a Scimitar Assault Bomber squadron assigned to Task Force Inquisitor.

History Edit

In late 15 ABY after reorganization of the fighter squadrons assigned to Task Force Inquisitor, Fleet Commodore Inrokana formed Widowmaker Squadron aboard the HIMS Inquisitor to replace recently transfered Darksword Squadron. Also, in her recent outstanding performance he promoted Liza Molokai to Flight Officer and assigned the Executive Officer position of the squadron.


Recent Events Edit

  • The Widowmakers helped with Operation Scatterswipe, lending support during the defense of an Imperial border depot.

Combat History Edit

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