The Ubiqtorate were an anonymous group of individuals overseeing the operations of Imperial Intelligence.

History Edit

The Ubiqtorate was originally formed by the directors of the four intelligence agencies operating under the Galactic Republic during the years before the Clone Wars, when corruption within the Republic was at its worst. Seeking to establish a capable and efficient intelligence body for the government, the directors secretly and unofficially merge their agencies, with the Ubiqtorate the authoritative body over this new organization. The Ubiqtorate sought to replace the decaying Republic with a strong central government, and saw in Palpatine a means to this aim.

Palpatine immediately took interest in the Ubiqtorate, and when the Clone Wars began, he gave the Ubiqtorate total control over Republic Intelligence, the official merger of the four agencies with the addition of Clone Intelligence.

When the Republic became the Galactic Empire, the Ubiqtorate retained control over the "new" organization, Imperial Intelligence. The Ubiqtorate oversaw all activities of Imperial Intelligence at the highest levels. Details and tactical consideratiosn were decided by the appropiate bureau or branch of Imperial Intelligence, which the Ubiqtorate never concerned itself with. With the exception of the Adjustments, the Ubiqtorate never had direct contact with personnel on the sector or system level, and instead set the bueraus with a set of goals and very broad grand strategic considerations and asked them to plan an effective strategy.

The members of the Ubiqtorate were anonymous, with the exception of the Director of Imperial Intelligence, who commanded the Ubiqtorate and Intelligence as a whole. When communicating to the rest of Imperial Intelligence, the members of the Ubiqtorate identify themselves only as "Ubiqtorate," never as an individual, a practice which would be copied by other organizations in the Empire, such as the Select Committee of COMPNOR.

In 19 ABY, Imperial Intelligence inherited certain operations of COMPNOR and the ISB. Members of the Select Committee who were not killed by Grand Vizier Korynn Fleming after the fall of Emperor Vadim were moved into the Ubiqtorate, alongside assets from the former Commission of Operations and the Office of Naval Strategic Operations, bolstering the Ubiqtorate's greater needs.