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The Third Jedi Purge was initiated in 9 ABY on Tatooine, at the Jedi School.

Emperor Bacharan Valak had corrupted the mind of young Cort Stasus, otherwise known as Etrigan. Valak gave the young apprentice the subconscious orders to infiltrate the Jedi School and eliminate the Jedi, and the School.

Cort did so, and after a month of infiltration, slaughtered all of the Jedi students present, including Aubrey Saralyn, Priti, and Tholt. There was only one survivor: Ethan Katana, heir to Jack Raven's legacy, the Angry Rancor.

After slaughtering the Jedi, Cort destroyed the School with explosives, and departed from Tatooine, completing the Third Jedi Purge.

Known Jedi SurvivorsEdit

(Includes only Jedi associated with the Jedi Order in some form, and not independent/rogue Jedi or Dark Jedi, and were Jedi at the time of the Purge)

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