The Slice was a wedge-shaped section of the galaxy which began at the edge of the Core Worlds and extended outward through the Colonies, the Inner Rim, the Expansion Region, and the Mid Rim, terminating at the threshold of Hutt Space. It was roughly bounded on either side by the Perlemian Trade Route and the Corellian Run. After these two major trade routes were established, the systems of the Slice were rapidly developed as colonists followed the two routes and migrated into the Slice in search of habitable worlds.

Points of Demarkation Edit

  • The worlds of Alderaan, Kuat, Neimodia, Commenor, Balmorra, and Carida were the primary hubs of activity within the Slice for several centuries. Not only did they have their own commercial prowess to project, but they became jumping-off points for many colonization endeavours.
  • Ord Vaxal was considered one of the chief fortress-worlds in this region, and was charged with maintaining vigil over Hutt Space beyond. Unfortunately, Hutt corruption seeped into the world over the years, and it too fell to Hutt influence and control.
  • Because of the limited formal law enforcement resources and the substantial potential of investment and development projects underway, the Slice was rife with raiders, pirates, thieves, and squatters. Many would pilfer the worlds of the Slice only to travel to such backwater locations as Rodia, Tatooine, Bimmisaari, or The Wheel — or into Hutt Space itself — to divest and spend their plunder.
  • The Bothan Federation was considered a "corner" to the Slice, and a bastion of order and justice (albeit Bothan justice, which was heavily structured). Later, the Caspian Democratic Union became another "corner", with the one-time fortress world of Rauther (formerly named Ord Thera) considering itself the actual vertex and gateway to the region from that direction.
  • The Griffon Alliance established itself in the Slice upon the treasure-world of Grinndal, in the Rhineal System. They pushed outward to encompass several other star systems, chief among them Scythia. Here they placed one of the largest space stations ever constructed — the monstrous Hyacinth-class station Pride-1. The trident-shaped hyperspace route Tallon's Cut was the only firmly-established route through the Slice, and was regulated (and exploited) by the Griffons during their heyday.
  • Worlds are still being discovered and cataloged, as the Slice is composed of several hundred thousand systems, nebula, voids, rifts, and expanses. The majority of systems and planetary bodies are inert, though, and offer little chance of use or habitation.
  • Hutt Space defines the outer edge of the Slice. Many nicknames and terms of slang have been used by Slice inhabitants to identify Hutt Space, since while the Hutts cannot expand their current borders beyond what they are set at, their influence nonetheless ebbs into various Slice worlds with visible certainty.

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