Task Force Hammmer was a combined force unit of the Galactic Empire, comprising Imperial Navy warships, Imperial Army units, and Stormtrooper battalions. Originally formed by Fleet Admiral Drayson Honos, then Commodore, as a special unit as part of the Imperial First Fleet to harass neutral trading lines and disrupt New Republic attempts to spread their influence along neutral star systems.

It later became one of eight such task forces under the direction of Admiral Danik Kreldin during his Imperial Blitzkrieg of 14 ABY. Task Force Hammer, being the most prominent task force within the First Fleet, usually had the Super Star Destroyer HIMS Malevolence accompanying it, along with seven other Star Destroyers and some thirty smaller warships in support as escorts for the Imperial Navy's flagship. Commodore David Stone was the commander of the taskforce.

In Imperial battlefleet deployment, Task Force Hammer would occupy strategic center of the array, tasked with coordinating all the firepower of the combined fleet.

Noteworthy Events Edit

Imperial Blitzkrieg Edit

The roster for Task Force Hammer included:

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