A System Director was a rank used within the Galactic Empire's intelligence community, specifically the various bureaus of Imperial Intelligence and COMPNOR's Imperial Security Bureau.

A System Director oversaw all bureau or branch operations within his assigned system. System Directors answered to their respected Sector Directors, although, at times, Intelligence System Directors were placed under sector Moff order, while ISB System Directors operated outside the Moff's control.

Imperial IntelligenceEdit

Imperial Intelligence System Directors were responsible for system-wide communication of the various cells and units operating with the given system, ensuring the upkeep of the various intelligence satellites and the Imperial CompLink units in their territory, and executing the will of the Sector Director and Ubiqtorate. They were appointed by the Ubiqtorate.

Imperial Security BureauEdit

ISB System Directors ensured a proper level of communication between ISB cells and units within the system, passing along orders and directives (and issuing his own, as ISB System Directors shared a much greater level of independence and flexibility than their Intelligence counterparts), and were responsible for overall operations within a system. They were appointed by the Select Committee.

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