A System Cell was an Imperial Intelligence unit placed on every inhabited world, and even uninhabitated ones which proved to be convenient jump sites or listening posts.

While a system cell could theoretically be of any size from a single being to hundreds, they usually range from four to twenty beings. Imperial Intelligence often recruits agents from the worlds on which they are going to serve, training them off-world only if absolutely necessary. Once a cell has proven itself, it may be given additional training and possible placement on other systems.

A system cell is the basic unit of Imperial Intelligence. When the Ubiqtorate plans strategy, it thought it in terms of operations which would be conducted by system cells, with all coordination coming from the bureaus. System cells were aware of the command structure immediately above them, but were allowed to know very little else about Imperial Intelligence. They were most empthatically not allowed to know of the existence or operations of other system cells.

Imperial Intelligence gave system cells rudimentary logistic support. The only standard piece of equipment is the RWStar A/P Transceiver, with expanded memory and processing capabilities, which communicated with Plexus droid vehicles or Plexus conduits. Other equipment was to be obtained by the system cell itself, or was provided on a mission basis only. This lack of equipment occassionally hampered a cell, but the ingenuity of cell agents usually made up for the lack of sophisticated gear.

A cell could increase its status within Imperial Intelligence by equipping itself from hostile sources. This included not only the Rebellion, but often the underworld and sometimes even COMPNOR.

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