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Acronyms, Jargon and SlangEdit

Many of the words and terms used by Stormtroopers today are inherited from jargon and slang used in the Republic Army during the Clone Wars.

Fallen out of disuse are words from the Mandalorian language, Mando'a, that were common among the Republic Commandos and ARCs. Many, having been trained by Mandalorian mercenaries, or Jango Fett himself, were steeped in the Mandalorian traditions. However, as nearly all the troopers from Jango's line are dead from combat or accelerated aging, Mandalorian words have generally fallen out of of use. Only among some special operations personnel do you still find some of the words being used, and even then it is infrequent at best. Normally these words are used within their tight knit communities or in public when wanting to describe someone without being understood by those outside their squad. Below are some of the Mandalorian words and phrases one may find being used in the Empire today along with their pronunciation.

In BasicEdit

AA: anti-aircraft

AAA: anti-aircraft artillery

AO / AOO: area of operations

BRB: big red button (emergency hull seal)

bucket: a helmet

cannon fodder: an expendible asset, normally a poorly trained or equipped soldier

chicken / chicken walker: an AT-ST

civie: civilian

con: to steer a ship

conc: concussion rifle

dead boys: walking dead, see cannon fodder - usually reserved for CompForce or civilian paramilitary organizations

det: detonator

double double (DD): an ST-II rifle

dustoff: an aerial retrieval of casualties

EM: electromagentic

EMP: electromagnetic pulse

EOD: explosive ordinance disposal

ETA: estimated time of arrival

ETR: estimated time of repair

flash bang: stun grenade

frag: a fragmentation grenade or to kill a target messily (usually with a grenade)

go (gone) black / dark: intentionally terminating (radio) contact

gone rogue: operating independently, intentionally disregarding orders

HAHO: high altitude high opening (a type of insertion)

HALO: high altitude low opening (a type of insertion)

halo: to stun someone, referring to the blue energy ring discharged by stun rifles

HQ: headquarters

HUD: heads up display

IED: improvised explosive device

IGF: imperial ground forces, the army

insertion: being deployed into an area of operations

jump: insertion from altitude, entering hyperspace

KIA: killed in action

lazy: describing a soldier that neutralizes a target with heavy ordinance rather than small arms or hand weapons

meat can: a soldier

medivac: medical evacuation

MIA: missing in action

MIB: man (men) in black, a storm commando

MILINT: military intelligence

mission: an IGF / ST assignment or objective

MRU: much regret, unable (unable to comply with an order or request)

niner: the ninth man of a squad, a rookie, or a derogatory term to express a lack of skill or intelligence

ninth man: literally a trooper whose last number in their designator is 9, the new/newest member of a squad

OBG: oldie but goodie, an ST-I rifle

obs job: observation duty

odd job: a covert or special operations mission

old man: the legion general, or the most senior NCO at a duty station

op order: operational order

OpFor: opposing forces (used in training where friendlies simulate the enemy)

ops room: operations room

PIM: position and intended movement (used to describe where a ship is and where it is headed)

PEP: pulsed energy projectile

PWO /peewo: principal weapons officer

quiet: losing communications or sensors, jamming communications or sensors

recce: reconnaissance, to reconnoiter

recon: reconnaissance, to reconnoiter

red boys: imperial royal guard

Red Zero: request for immediate extraction

rocket jockey: a Navy pilot

RPC: request the pleasure of your company

rummage: to search / perform a search of a vessel

RV: rendezvous

SC: storm commando

slot: to kill

SNAFU: situation normal all fouled (f***ed) up

SO: special operations

SOP: standard operating procedures

sortie: a Navy assignment or objective

SpecOps: special operations

ST: stormtrooper

target practice: a police action or pacification of civilians

TD (TED): thermal detonator

TIOPS: traffic interdiction operations

tinny / tinnies: a droid or droids

TIV: traffic interdiction vessel

triple triple (TT): an ST-III rifle

Triple Zero: Coruscant (the galactic core coordinates 0,0,0)

Triple-A: anti-aircraft artillery

tube meat: a clone

UXB: unexploded bomb

wets: organic life forms

wetwork: assasination mission

white job: a clone soldier

zoo: a gathering of stormtrooper cadets that have not completed training, the academy on Carida

zulu: imperial standard time

In Mando'aEdit

a'den (AH-den): wrath, rage

aruetii (ah-roo-AY-tee): foreigner, outsider, trator

atin (ah-TEEN): stubborn

di'kut (dee-KOOT): jerk, moron, idiot

ge'verd (ge-VAIRD): almost a warrior (today referring to a special operations candidate or trainee)

hut'uun (hoo-TOON): coward

jetii (JAY-tee): Jedi

jurkadir (JOOR-kahd-EER): to attack, to threaten, to mess with

k'uur (koor): hush, be quiet

kandosii (kahn-DOH-see): nice one, wicked, well done, classy, noble

nynir (nee-NEER): to hit, to strike

osik (OH-sik): dung, offal, s***

oya (OY-ah): let's go hunting, let's roll

shabiir (sha-BEER): to screw up, to f*** up

su'cuy (soo-KOO-ee): hi, hello, hey

tsad (sahd): alliance, group

udesii (oo-DAY-see): calm down, take it easy

usenye (oo-SEN-yay): go away, p*** off, f*** off

verd (vaird): warrior (today referring to a special operations personnel)

vod (vohd): comrade, squadmate

vor'e (VOHR-ay): thanks


Star Wars Replublic Commando: Triple Zero by Karen Traviss

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