The Squadron One
Principality: New Sith Order
Designation: Elite
Base/Wing: V2SD Dark Presence
Strength: 12 pilots
0 gunners
30 ground crew
Craft Used: Various Craft
Rating: Elite
Members of Merit
Darth Malign
Krackor Reincus

Squadron One is an elite squadron of fighter pilots collected from across the galaxy by Darth Malign and first introduced at the Second Battle of Nar Shaddaa. These pilots are typically over thirty years old and have served in at least two major engagements. Many come from Corellia and have had a history fighting with Malign since his time in CorSec or even the Rebellion.


In 15 ABY Squadron One launched and successfully fought during the Second Battle of Nar Shaddaa. The squadron was put together in secrecy and had seen previous sorties under different names. One of which was when Malign was leaving the Coruscant system and broke through a battle between the Empire and New Republic in deep space, it was the earliest members of Squadron One that served as his escorts. The Squadron has its roots in Malign's past which include old CorSec Officers, Retired Rebel and Imperial Pilots, and some mercenaries that found the work wasn't any fun anymore. Darth Malign assembled this group pilot by pilot by searching the Outer Rim and even the Unknown Regions for the individuals that would fill the positions. After several months of searching and recruiting, Squadron One, was formed and officially began to see light action. This squadron never flies without the Sith Lord at the lead.

Squadron MakeupEdit

What makes Squadron One unique is that each ship in the squadron is the personal property of the pilot flying it. Which means every ship and pilot have an original personality to add to the squadron. Currently the squadron is as followed:

Starfighter Units:

Support Ships:

Task ForceEdit

Currently Squadron One is assigned to Darth Malign's flag ship and is a part of a flotilla of neutral vessels that roam the Middle and Outer Rim.

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