Production information
Date created

15 ABY


Darth Malign


Custom battle droid


Battle droid

Technical specifications

Masculine programming


2.2m (humanoid form)

Sensor color


Political information

New Sith Order


Legion General, 1st Sith Droid Legion

Siege (15 ABY – ) is a specialized combat droid serving the New Sith Order as Legion General of the 1st Sith Droid Legion and the other nine legions of Sith Battle droids.

Born from Alchemy (15 ABY – Current) Edit

Darth Malign selected a single droid from the legion and took it to his lab to begin alchemically altering it's molecular makeup. Adding additional parts including some organic and others mechanical with a more independent style of programming Legion General Siege was born and brought to 'life' on a Sith Altar on the I2SD Predator. The droid's programming makes it completely loyal to Darth Malign with several fail safes that protect it against tampering some electronic and others alchemically created. Legion General Siege was gifted with every ounce of galactic history on warfare into his massive databanks and his programming includes an artificial-intelligence capable of gaining insight and wisdom from failed or successful battles. In addition to this, the droid is capable of forming a hive mind with all of the legions of droids under his control to maximize efficiency on the battle field.

Primary Functions Edit

Siege's primary function is to serve Darth Malign and to lead his droid legions into battle when called upon. The droid constantly monitors the legions for defects and is capable of 'absorbing' other droids and annibalizing parts in efforts to continue to improve on its own design. The droid also has two primary body configurations:

  • Humanoid form for council meetings.
  • Battle Tank form and configuration for battles.

OOC Information Edit

Originally developed as a player character, Siege became an NPC when his player went inactive.

Siege is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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