The rank and title of Sergeant Major is a senior non-commissioned officer's rank used mostly by army organizations. It is frequenty at the very top of the NCO rank scale.

In New Republic Service Edit

Sergeant Majors in the New Republic Army are ranked beyond the company level. Sergeant Majors represent "Everything That is Good And Right In The Marines". These are the most experienced, most dedicated, most veteran soldiers that can be imagined. Most of them do not reach this rank until their twentieth year of service, if that. Sergeant Majors, while no longer directly responsible for individual soldiers, are tasked with supporting the mission of the Battalion, Brigade, or Regiment they are affiliated with. When a Sergeant Major chooses to make a point, no soldier from Private to General will fail to pay heed. Their influence is legendary, and their words and actions set the standards for all who see them.

In Other Service Edit

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