Sergeant is a military or police force rank that represents a non-commissioned officer of substantial experience or responsibility. This rank, and its derivatives, are often the third tier of enlistment in most militaries, and the second tier of responsibility in police forces.

In Imperial Service Edit

In New Republic Service Edit

For most soldiers in the New Republic Army, their first 'E-5' (Sergeant) is the individual who will have the greatest effect on their military career. Considered a true NCO, Sergeants come in more than one form. Battle-harded Sergeants often serve as drill instructors at the academy. They also act as squad leaders and fire team leaders. Lower-ranked enlisted soldiers are expected to stand at parade rest when addressing a Sergeant formally.

In Union Service Edit

A Sergeant in the Union Marines or Provincial Army would typically lead a squad, and represented a seasoned, rather well-experienced soldier — timid or inexperienced sergeants rarely lasted long.

The Sergeant tier had several derivatives, including: Technical Sergeant, Section Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant, Master Sergeant, and Fleet Sergeant.

In Griffon Service Edit

Frequently and liberally used amongst their SATs as a non-commissioned officer rank although not conveying much in terms of added responsibility. This would often denote a more experienced Trooper.

In Other Service Edit

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