Sensory Deprivation Therapy is a common procedure used in torture, interrogation, and re-education procedures, most commonly used by Imperial Security Bureau agents, such as the infamous interrogator Korynn Fleming.

Traditionally, the subject of SDT is contained in an environment that completely deprives the subject of any senses. A number of methods can be used to achieve this goal. Special head devices block out sight, sound, and smells. Body-suits that use micro-vibrations or surface anaesthetics can remove the sense of touch. Other contraptions can be utilized for non-human physique, or simply to inject fear and paranoia in the subject.

Humans deprived of all senses for an extended period of time would first enter a stage of helpless rage. Eventually, the subject would enter into a state of surrender, following a state of delirium, in which the subject loses track of time, reality, location, even memories of his own life and personality. Non-humans react differently, some worse, some not at all, and over varying degrees of effectiveness.

Often, SDT is aided by adding precise sensory stimulants. Most commonly this involves the use of a synthesized droning sound, or the forcing open of a subject's eyes followed by the addition of an erratic or static light source. These techniques often quicken the pace in which a subject will reach delirium.

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