The Select Committee was the ruling body for COMPNOR. The Select Committee had a variable number of members, and the COMPNOR charter provided for electoral and honorary means of being named a member of the Select Committee. Probably, only Emperor Palpatine and a few other key Imperials, including Sate Pestage, Lord Crueya Vandron, and Ishin-Il-Raz, knew exactly how many members there were on the Select Committee.

The Select Committee remained intact after the fragmentation of the Empire in 4 ABY, and went on to serve under the Interim Ruling Council throughout the Post-Endor Imperial power struggle.

In 19 ABY, most of COMPNOR's functions were absorbed by Imperial Intelligence following the re-organization of the Galactic Empire into the Imperial Remnant. Grand Vizier Korynn Fleming killed three members of the Select Committee; the rest were absorbed into the Ubiqtorate.

Known MembersEdit

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