Second Lieutenant is a military rank that represents an officer at the middle of a commissioned rank scale. It is often parallel to the Naval rank of Ensign.

In Imperial Service Edit

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A second lieutenant is the lowest commissioned rank in the Imperial Army. They assisted first lieutenants in commanding a platoon.

In New Republic Service Edit

Second Lieutenants in the New Republic Army were junior members of a Company command formation, and were considered company grade officers. While Combat Officers were generally concerned with short term tactical operations and training with their NCOs, Second Lieutenants took on larger roles and more responsibility. Through demonstrating their ability to conduct small-scale combat operations, they have moved on to conducting platoon-level combat operations.

In the New Republic Starfighter Corps, Second Lieutenants were usually a notch better than the average Flight Officer. Not typically anything spectacular, they were sometimes given command of their own flight within a squadron. Support personnel were put in charge of their own detachment of enlisted personnel, and a couple of lower ranking officers.

In Union Service Edit

In Other Service Edit

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