Previous battle: Fifth Battle of Coruscant
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Second Battle of Dreven
Conflict: War of the Throne
Date: 13 ABY
Place: Dreven
Outcome: Victory for Darth Malign; Darth Malus captured

Darth Malign and the military

Darth Malus and courts


Darth Malign
Lara Grayson
Commodore David Stone

Darth Malus


HIMS Malevolence
HIMS Conqueror

Imperial First Fleet





The Second Battle of Dreven occurred several months after the Fifth Battle of Coruscant. It was a conflict of the War of the Throne, the first and only major engagement between Darth Malus, then Emperor of the Galactic Empire, and Darth Malign, Warlord of the Imperial Military.

Malign, operating under orders from his Master, Aleister Vadim, had infiltrated the Empire in order to engineer his Master's rise to power. He capitalized the military's frustration over Malus and the loss of Coruscant months before. Using his influence and powers with the Force, Malign was made Warlord and placed in control over the Military, despite Malus's protests. He then effectively split the Empire into two, crafting a Military Government run by him and his Moff's Council in opposition to Malus' Courts.

Malign then blockaded Dreven with his Fleet, signaling the end of Malus' reign. While Dreven was blockaded, the ambitious Sith set about restoring the Empire, undertaking the reconstruction of Guritsan with the cooperation of Grand Moff Scaven Marx. Eventually, the time came to end Malus and his Court. With the aid of Lara Grayson, the resurfaced Emperor's Hand, he set his plan into motion.

Leading the Imperial First Fleet into battle, Malign and Grayson, under the guise of Sinestra, stormed Castle Tsabak. Overpowering what support Malus had, Malign and Sinestra fought Malus within the throne room. The short-lived Emperor was defeated and, to add insult to injury, was encased in carbonite for delivery to Vadim, a cruel act of irony as Malus had done the same to his predecessor, Kendal Osbourne, a year before.

Malign essentially became the ruler of the Empire. Vassily Korolov, whom had managed to survive the confrontation despite his prior loyalties to Malus, was put in charge of the Courts while Malign and his Council ran the Military Government. But it was all preparation for Malign's final act to deliver the Empire in its entirety to his Master, Aleister Vadim.

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