Principality: None (formerly Griffon Alliance)
Location: Mid-Rim
Neighbors: None
Features: The Rookery
star Syl
bodies Syltleij

Situated amidst the Wanting Spans in the Mid Rim, Scythia was most well-known for hosting the space station Pride-1 during the time of the Griffon Alliance. The Griffons chose this little-known enclave partly because of its location, but also because of its mystical aura.

Each of the planets in this system is inhospitable, but astrographers and historians conjecture that that wasn't always the case. Evidence points to a society, or several, occupying the region prior to 20,000 BBY, and that, possibly, they overcultivated these planets, turning them into wastelands, or rendered them sterile through a cataclysmic event or war. No nebula, black holes, dust clouds, ion fields, or other stellar bodies exist nearby that would indicate some kind of stellar event, and the planets themselves display only the slightest hints of sentient occupation. Erosion has taken its toll across just about every planetscape.

One of the innermost planets, Hossak, is quite unique, comprised of several hundred rocky pieces all bound together by gravity, but not cohesive. The chasms between the pieces are immense and extremely forboding. Tales mentioning this region dubbed Hossak "The Serpent's Nest", and purported that evil spirits nested and came from it. When the Griffons occupied the system, they christened Hossak "The Rookery", and hid whole starships in the chasms while they were being outfitted, repaired, or modified.

Indeed, activity and travel through the system picked up when the Griffons were in the heady days of their occupation. Discussions were made about terraforming the planets for use by the Griffon populace, but no endeavours were ever undertaken. As was typical Griffon behaviour, there was more attention paid to broadening the scope of Griffon doctrine (see Mutanda) than to improving the infrastructure. Be that as it may, the seven years the Pride-1 space station occupied the star system represent the most noteworthy time for Scythia in known galactic history.

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