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Sabbathius Osbourne (—6 ABY) was a Dark Jedi several years after the death of Emperor Palpatine. It is likely that Osbourne was one of Palpatine's Dark Side Adepts, and was trained by the Emperor himself. It's also likely he received further training by Wyth Skellheim, an earlier Dark Jedi. Whenever Osbourne began his training, he began his Imperial career as an Imperial Navy officer, working his way up to the rank of Admiral before retiring to pursue his interests in the Dark Side of the Force.

After becoming Admiral and the Emperor's Adept, Sabbathius was given his own task force centered around a modified Star Destroyer for his own personal use. Sabbathius used his task force to good use in the Unknown Regions, where he was during the Battle of Endor and the years following. He returned with his task force to find the Empire in shambles, and Osbourne found the Interim Ruling Council to be inefficient, weak and Imperial High Command full of weak-minded fools. He was also most displeased with Ariak Caldny, the leader of the Council. It is rumored he firmly believed that Palpatine was still alive and in power, making him a likely member - or even founder - of the Vigilant Movement.

His early relations with the Interim Ruling Council were shaky, and were first negotiated between Drocal Arconen and himself. Sabbathius was not trusted by the Council. However, he met with Caldny, a meeting that apparently met Sabbathius with success, and the Dark Jedi found himself once again helping the Empire.

In 6 ABY, it was Osbourne who met with Simone Drake after Han Solo was arrested by the Corporate Sector Authority. With both the Imperial and New Republic fleets in orbit, prepared for war, Sabbathius sealed a deal with Drake to secretly turn Solo over to him. Sabbathius took Solo, fleeing from Etti IV in a secret shuttle. From there, Osbourne was hunted by the Jedi to Palanhi, where he fought against Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo and other Jedi. Sabbath attempted to turn Luke over to the Dark Side, but failed. Osbourne escaped from the Duel on Palanhi with Solo, though Solo would later be rescued.

Sabbath firmly believed that in late 6 ABY he was the last of the Dark Jedi - and Sith. This seems to confirm that Skellheim was indeed killed, along with Lucifer, or Sabbathius was merely lying about this belief. Bacharan Valak likely kept his Force-sensitivity a secret from Sabbath, or the two never met.

In 6 ABY, he kidnapped Jessalyn Valios and lured Luke aboard his vessel, The Ummagumma, in an attempt to kill the Jedi. His plan backfired; after severing Luke's prosthetic hand, Sabbathius was impaled by Luke's lightsaber. Dying, Sabbath initiated the self-destruct of his corvette; within minutes, he was dead.

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