The Rellik Forest was a forest created by Imperial scientists and biologists in the domed walls of Imperial City on Guritsan.

During the War of the Throne, Guritsan was devastated by the impact and destruction of the HIMS Dark Eminence. Guritsan was reduced to a wasteland. A year later, under the direction of Warlord Malign and Grand Moff Scaven Marx, reconstruction efforts would kick off, an effort that would last until 14 ABY.

Guritsan was still inhabitable, and thus a domed city was constructed to protect against the hazardous enviornment. Within this domed wall, Rellik Forest was grown. Named after Jarl Rellik, a former Grand Moff and Warlord under Bacharan Valak, Rellik Forest was large and sported a vast assortment of wildlife and numerous trails.

The Guritsan Day events of 15 ABY were held mostly in the Rellik Forest, as its natural habitat and caves made it an ideal location for the hunts held by the Empire.

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