Rear Admiral was...

In Imperial Service Edit

Template:Rank plate In the Galactic Empire's Navy, the rank of Rear Admiral found itself in between Commodore and Vice Admiral. Equivalent to a Major General in the Imperial Army, the Rear Admiral had no specific posting in the Imperial Army Order of Battle, and usually found itself commanding a Squadron, but with seniority over other Commodores, or in some cases, an Imperial task force (such as Task Force Nebula).

A Rear Admiral was equivalent to Major General in the Imperial Army or a Vice Marshal in the Imperial Starfighter Corps.

In New Republic Service Edit

In Union Service Edit

This derivative rank of Admiral was not actively used by the Caspian Navy. Some holdover officers of the Krittish and Rautheran navies brought the rank-title with them, and used it until promotion or decommission.

In Other Services Edit

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