Plen Sto is a Jedi Apprentice of the New Jedi Order. In 17 ABY, he encountered Arissa Kiiko on Etti IV. Their duel ended in a stalemate of sorts, with Sto escaping by stealing Arissa's speeder and stranding her in the wilderness. However, it was a hard lesson to learn, as the encounter brought out his aggressive, untested nature.

He wielded a blue training lightsaber.

In 18 ABY, Plen Sto sought out some additional combat training from Captain Wrista Ipex of the New Republic Marine Corps. Later that year he was killed in a duel against Leiko while accompanying Zorin Pol on a mission.

Plen Sto is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

OOC Information Edit

Plen Sto was created by SW1 Kyle while he held the FC slot for Luke Skywalker. His story goal is to be a rival to Arissa Kiiko.

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