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Pincer Action at Saskrut
Conflict: Localized, Operation Womprat Hunt
Date: Late 15 ABY
Place: Saskrut System
Outcome: Eradication of Crimson Talon Group

Emblem nr starphoenix
New Republic



Lt. Com. Rasi Praddhan Cen
Frt. Lieutenant Vengan Draelis
Frt. Lieutenant Wrista Ipex
Major Kyrin Sh'vani



NRCV Audacity
NRGS Lightbringer
NRGS Mon Mothma
Ghost Squadron
224th Batallion

Crimson Talon Group
- Crimson Talon
- Biter Flight
- Grinder Flight


1 fighter

Entire Crimson Talon Group

Fleet Intelligence quickly indicated likely targets of the pirates, and the first was the Palantin Queen. A relatively large cruise-ship, it operated specifically in that sparsely-habited region of space to cater to affluent tourists, sightseers, and adventurists. The small task group was dispatched to the Saskrut system before the Queen's arrival and arrived near Saskrut IV, not particularly far from the cruise-ship's destination of Saskrut III. As predicted, not long after the Palantin Queen's arrival, the Crimson Talon group, known to operate in that region, showed up. The Audacity had, just a few moments prior, micro-jumped to Saskrut II and hid itself there. Once the attack on the Queen commenced, Audacity shed its cover and went straight for the corvette at the heart of the pirate outfit, the Crimson Talon. Ghost Squadron did the same, but came from the opposite direction, targeting the two-dozen mismatched fighters the pirates utilized.

The Crimson Talon reacted by feigning a retreat towards Saskrut IV, intent on drawing away the Audacity away from its fighters. The pirates hoped that their own fighters would overwhelm Ghost Squadron, and then be able to hit the Republican warship once they were available. Unknown to the pirate group, their actions were precisely the plan and anticipation of the Republicans. The gunship Lightbringer swept out from behind Saskrut IV, and pressed a demoralizing attack upon Crimson Talon, crippling it and leaving it adrift.

Panic befell the pirate fighters, and they turned from their engagement with Ghost Squadron to try and escape. Those without hyperdrives attempted to head down to the planet, and those with one tried to get away from the planet's gravity well. Ghost Squadron overtook and mowed them down, leaving four to be captured and interred. Transports were called in with Marine squads to board the Talon, and capture any and all pirates remaining. At the cost of a trio of Marine casualties, the pirates were captured, the majority having surrendered as soon as the first boarding party was established on board. The Republican task group soon returned to its base on Elom, displaying the captured starfighters to the public as a morale booster and PR event. The Crimson Talon was dragged away by a fleet tender to the nearest space station for repairs and a complete overhaul.

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