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The imposter Palpatine was responsible for the Imperial Civil War.

Rooting himself on Imperial-held Mon Calamari, the imposter, a Dark Jedi, took control of a large amount of Imperial resources and military units, declaring he was Palpatine. He grew a large amount of support as many believed who he was. He then declared Bacharan Valak a traitor and went to war, aiming to seize control of the Empire.

The war would last throughout 12 ABY and would see the Empire, having just recently lost the Death Star III, dramatically weakened. The imposter Palpatine, however, would soon find defeat. After a disastrous campaign in Venixun, the Dark Jedi's forces were routed and finally defeated at the Battle of Novar III. The imposter Palpatine was captured by Imperial Stormtroopers and revealed to the galaxy as an imposter; he was executed, and the Civil War ended.

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