Operation Quickdraw was the name of an Imperial military operation undertaken in 11 ABY as a means to further divide the weakened New Republic in the aftermath of the conquest of Coruscant.

The first element was a feint attack on the world of Corellia. Drawing anchor from Coruscant, the Imperial fleet descended upon the New Republic bastion and swiftly eliminated the Republic opposition. However, the Empire fell short of conquering the world; the masterminds behind Quickdraw were aware of the Corellian's natural and fierce independent streak, and their already low appreciation of the Republic. The logistical problems facing an Empire fresh from the Great Campaign further gave reason to pulling out of Corellia. In the end, the Empire achieved an even greater goal: the Corellians began their pledge for independence, and a deal was brokered that the New Republic would no longer be able to use Corellia as a base of operations for the military to secure Corellia's safety and security.

Next, the Empire executed a surprise assault on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, once fierce supporters of the Republic. But with faith in the Republic waning after their embarassing feat at the hands of Bacharan Valak and his revitalized military, and the ever present threat of the Death Star III, the Wookiees were wary of their continued presence in the New Republic. Thus, after the brutal attack, which saw a vast loss in Republic material and the capture of thousands of soldiers at the Kashyyyk military base after the use noxious gases, the Wookiees made a deal with the Empire: in return for not subjugating or establishing a presence on Kashyyyk, the Empire would leave Kashyyyk alone on the grounds that Kashyyyk left the Republic and remained neutral in the ongoing war.

The Wookiees agreed, bringing to a close the highly successful Operation Quickdraw. Republic, beaten and battered by the Great Campaign, fell in a great decline and hope for victory was nearly washed away. However, the heroic Third Battle of Sluis Van would revitalize Republic spirits and bring the Republic back on the road to recovery, including the reintroduction of both Corellia and Kashyyyk back into the Republic by 13 ABY.

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