Operation Corellisi Guerlle, Old Corellian for Corellian Guard, was an operation initiated by the Imperial-controlled Corellian government and CorSec in 15 ABY to crack down on growing terrorism on Corellia.

After months of undergoing several acts of terrorism, leaving thirty-two civilians and CorSec officers dead, the Corellian government, under Imperial Governor Bailey Laran, proposed and ratified Operation Corellisi Guerlle, effectively placing Corellia under martial law until the issue was resolved. Simultaneously, the planet was also placed under martial law by the Empire and COMPNOR in response to the parallelly-occurring Corellian Corruption Scandal.

CorSec presence on city streets were intensifed, and a restriction on all weapons above a blaster level was put into place. All ships were put on lock-down and intensively searched. The operation caused considerable dissent amongst the populace, but the simentaneous arrival of CompForce and an increased Imperial presence in the system quelled most dissenting voices.

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