The Widowmakers
Principality: Galactic Empire
Designation: Skip-432 Omega
Base/Wing: HIMS Inquisitor
Strength: 4 pilots
12 gunners
12 ground crew
Craft Used: Skipray Blastboat
Rating: Frontline
Members of Merit

Omega Squadron is a Skipray Blastboat squadron assigned to Task Force Inquisitor.

History Edit

Skipray Squadron 432, also known as the Widowmakers, was given the battlefield designator of Omega in its sector of operation. The four Skipray Blastboats of this squadron operate as a hunter-killer pack, often deployed from a base and roving as far as three adjacent systems away in search of lightly escorted convoys or lone, unsuspecting warships to strike. It is not uncommon to see this squadron, and others like it, deployed after large battles in an attempt to pick off stragglers too damaged to keep up with the recovering fleets.

Recent Events Edit

It wasn't until 15 ABY with their transfer to the HIMS Inquisitor by request of Liuetenant Commander Inrokana that they were actually seen in service with a major Task Force.

File:Skipray Blastboat.JPG

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