Established in mid-15 ABY under a veil of secrecy by the Jedi, the Nyarikan Safeway was a hyperroute used to efficiently and effectively direct personnel and material from Ploo to Ord Mantell. It's existence and purposes were closely-guarded, known only by top brass of the New Republic Military and other leading members of the New Republic.

OriginSystems, Planets, Features on RouteTermination
PlooNyarikan NebulaOrd Mantell

Discovery Edit

After returning from a mission to Cophrigin-5 in mid-15 ABY, a team of Jedi aboard their cruiser Refrain of Anshalar needed to find a way back into New Republic space, without leaving any trace of where they had come from. They were able to reach Ord Mantell, but reports of Imperial activity on the borders made travel through Anobis and Ylix risky. Thus, Luke Skywalker decided that they would need to follow their instincts, and use the Force to cut an uncharted route to Ploo, by cutting close to the Nyarikan Nebula.

The route was plotted through sheer instinct by Ikihsa Enb'Zik with the guidance of Skywalker, and was recorded by R2-D2.

OOC Info Edit

This hyperspace route an important story element. It's purpose is to conceal classified movements of the New Republic, in a Rebellion-era style. The Nyarikan Safeway is under an OOC ruling of no-discovery. No characters outside of the New Republic are allowed to discover the route without the express permission of MUSH administration. This rule is in effect to protect story-lines and plots until it is no longer necessary.

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