The New Republic Strike Group Alpha
Principality: New Republic
Base/Wing: Ord Mantell/22nd Wing
Strength: 48 pilots
12 gunners
120 ground crew
Craft Used: Ghost Squadron - X-wing
Falcon Squadron - A-wing
Krakana Squadron - X-wing
Dagger Squadron - Y-wing/B-wing
Rating: Elite
Members of Merit
Major Johmac Mabru
Major Kyrin Sh'vani

Strike Group Alpha is a part of the New Republic 22nd Starfighter Wing, assigned to the New Republic Second Fleet. The four squadrons are stationed at the New Alderaan Military Base on Ord Mantell. Two of the four squadrons, known as Ghost Squadron and Falcon Squadron, are rumored to be among the best in the entire Corps. Combined with the other two squadrons, Strike Group Alpha has the lowest mortality rate in the entire Corps.

History Edit

For many years, Strike Group Alpha was posted aboard the NRSD Reprisal. However, when the New Republic moved its seat of power to Ord Mantell in 15 ABY, it was redeployed to the military garrison at New Alderaan.

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