The New Republic Second Fleet is a battlegroup headquartered at the New Alderaan Military Base on Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel Cluster. In addition to its capacity as an offensive force, Second Fleet is the main line of defense along the coreward border of New Republic space, serving alongside their counterparts, Third and Fourth Fleets.

The 22nd Starfighter Wing and the 5th Marine Corps are assigned to work alongside Second Fleet.

History Edit

Recent Events Edit

With the foundation of Ord Mantell as a significant base of operations in the New Republic, and the reformation of the Fleet structure, Second Fleet was chosen to transfer from its base in Calamari and head to the new location. Control and guardianship of Calamari and surrounding sectors passed to the First Fleet, with the severely damaged Sixth Fleet taking up a flanking position at Elom.

Organization Edit

The fleet is comprised of a core of carrier-scale capital ships, smaller combat vessels and many times that amount of support ships, as well as numerous types of starfighters. Its headquarters are located on Ord Mantell, the Republic's capital. Among its most famed units are the 224th Marine Battalion, the starfighters attached to Strike Group Alpha and the NRCV Audacity. As per Republican conventions, the fleet as a single, indivisible unit exists only in paper. Rather the fighting and other duties asked of it are carried by its subunits, the battlegroups, squadrons and task groups of the fleet.

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