Though technically under FleetOps, the Fleet Intelligence agency serves as the primary military intelligence of the New Republic Military. As like any other intelligence bureau, it conducts many types of operations, though it is consigned in its mandate to mostly military purposes, unlike its sibling New Republic Intelligence.

Responsibility Edit

The New Republic's Fleet Intelligence department has a long, proud history within the New Republic since the early days of the Rebellion. Following the creation of the New Republic, the New Republic Military was reorganized along lines befitting the now galaxy-spanning territory it protected. During this time, the many disparate commando groups of the Rebellion were incorporated into Fleet Operations, including Katarn's Commandos and other such outfits. Instead of making yet another department, these units were simply merged with the Navy's existing Fleet Intelligence service, complimenting the Fleet's existing Intelligence system. It has much a more limited mandate than NRI and more often than not serves as liaison between the military and that agency.

New Republic Fleet Intelligence plays a pivotal role within FleetOps and the military at large, particularly in the designing and implementing of any strategic plans as they assess both the capabilities of the Republican forces and whichever potential enemy might be faced. As well, a portion of New Republic Fleet Intelligence is dedicated to tracking the assets of enemy forces giving them an even more important role within the Fleet. Members of this department are deployed to nearly all ships that the New Republic Navy controls. NRFI also acts as the usual bridge between NRI and the rest of FleetOps, working to help the flow of information given to the military.

Recent Events Edit

A stream of negative publicity was directed at this department, one that otherwise is among the most respected of the New Republic Navy. It seemed to have been unable to predict the sheer size, or ferocity, of the Imperial campaigns to reclaim territory. Not only that, but it was unable to detect the serious military build-up within the Empire and was portrayed as all but non-existent by some during the important battles of the Imperial Blitzkrieg and afterwards.

Despite the detraction of many of their opponents, both political and within the Fleet itself, NRFI continues to do its job as best as it can. It has begun to rebuild some of its esteem, in certain circles anyway, due to the high level of professionalism shown during Operation Womprat Hunt. Whether or not it suffers any more setbacks in capabilities to predict and work to effectively stop Imperial military moves remains to be seen.

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