New Republic Fifth Marine Corps
"The Ones Who Hold"
Affiliation: New Republic
Station: Ord Mantell
Strength: 45675 enlisted (approx.)

4325 officers (approx.)

Sim Status: NPC
Commanding Officers
 Major General Roagen Vakren

The New Republic 5th Marine Corps is assigned to the New Republic Second Fleet and headquartered at the New Alderaan military garrison on Ord Mantell. It's original nickname, ‘Ever Steadfast’, was also known as ‘The Ones who Hold’ due to their heroics at the Battle of Hoth. The corps is currently under the command of Major General Roagen Vakren.

History Edit

The original Fifth Corps made their name anew during the Battle of Hoth while holding off the Imperial Ground assault, an act they paid dearly for. The corps was derived from original guerilla units comprising the Rebel Alliance Army. In the wake of the Imperial fall, and theirs, Major General Antilos decided that while the honorable deeds of the previous units would be acknowledged in the Marine Corps Headquarters, the newly re-christened unit would have the opportunity to create their own history.

Recent Events Edit

Units Edit

The Fifth Marine Corps is assigned to the New Republic Second Fleet. Five brigades make up the corps, each with different duties.

The 70th Marine Brigade Edit

Headquartered on the NRSD Reprisal, the 70th brigade staffed the fleet's collection of Star Destroyers.

The 71st Marine Brigade Edit

Headquartered aboard the NRSC Deliverance, the 71st brigade staffed the remainder of Second Fleet's carrier vessels and many of the adjoining assault frigates, corvettes, and the medical frigate.

    87th Battallion

    NRSD Deliverance

    88th Battallion

    NRSC Vespa

    90th Battallion

    NRSC Forada

    91st Battallion

    NRSC Grinndal's Riposte

    92nd Battallion

    NRSC Antiphon

    95th Battallion

    Headquarters platoon on NRAF Portrane
    1st Company
    Remaining companies outfit other Assault Frigates.

    99th Battallion

    Headquarters platoon on NREF Red Phoenix
    1st Company
    • Headquarters squad on NREF Red Phoenix
    Remaining companies outfit other smaller corvettes.

The 72nd Marine Brigade Edit

Headquartered aboard the NRHC Duraleague, the 72nd brigade staffed the fleet's Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers.

The 73rd Marine Brigade Edit

Headquartered at the New Alderaan military garrison on Ord Mantell, the 73rd brigade staffed the fleet's smaller support craft, such as the NRCRV Audacity. and the NRCRV Land Runner.

The 74th Marine Brigade Edit

Stationed aboard O.S. Paladin, the 74th brigade served as assault batallions. These batallions would be loaded onto carrier vessels when called into duty for assaults on Imperial planets, or liberations of Imperial-occupied planets formerly under the protection of the New Republic. The brigade also supplied reinforcements for troops lost in the other brigades.

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