The Neo-Imperial Movement Mutiny occured in 12 ABY aboard the Truth and Reconciliation, commandship of the Neo-Imperial Movement.

Danik Kreldin and Fianar Reanus both founded the Movement in opposition to Lorn Rhys, and waged a guerrilla campaign against his forces. However, at some point, Greiko Lornan rose to a position of power within the Movement, and managed to take control from both Kreldin and Reanus. The two former Imperials fought back, and instigated a mutiny aboard the Truth. Forces loyal to Kreldin and Reanus fought against Lornan's troops, but, in the end, Kreldin and Reanus and their men, including Wescal Cantrell, were exiled from the Movement. They would go on to form the Restoration of the New Order and launch an assault on Lornan's base to regain control of the NIM.

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