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Nar Shaddaa
Region: Hutt Space
Orbitting: Nal Hutta
Sim Status: Coded
Atmosphere: Hospitable
Topography: Urbanized & Mechanized
Points of Interest: Burning Deck, Slag Pit
Affiliation: Hutt, Independent, Sith, Sith Empire

The largest moon of Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa is commonly referred to as the Smuggler's Moon; and common to Coruscant in that the surface of the moon is completely covered in urban sprawl though that is where the similarity ends. Under control of the Hutts for as long as anyone can remember, it is a filthy sesspool of crime.

While it is commonly considered Independent, the moon has been the site of several large scale battles between the warring factions of the galaxy. The end of the Nar Shaddaa Revolution saw the end of the control of the Hutts on the moon, power moving to the aspiring crime lord Thanos. Currently it is not known just who has their grip over Nar Shaddaa, though the moon has been cleaned up following the aftermath of battles and life is slowly returning to normal.

As of late 18 ABY, the planet has been fully taken under control by the Sith Empire. The most obvious way of this being a Leviathan-class ship being put above the moon, and the surviving Hutt's after the Nar Shaddaa Revolution being pressed into service of the Sith Empire.

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