The Moff's Council is one of the leading bodies of the Galactic Empire. Along with the Commander-in-Chief (Military Executor/Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces), the Grand Admiral's Council and the Grand General's Council, the Moff Council comprises Imperial High Command and is responsible for the governing of Imperial territory.

Positioned directly beneath the Imperial Ruling Council, the Moff's Council is subservant to the Imperial Advisors, the Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government (Grand Vizier), two ruling Councils beneath the Commander-in-Chief, the Emperor's Warlords, Dark Side Elite and other proxies, and naturally the Emperor himself. The Moff's Council is led by the Supreme Moff. Senior members include the Grand Moffs, rulers of Imperial OverSectors, and beneath them lie the Moffs, rulers of Imperial sectors.

Moffs are responsible for the governing of Imperial territory and ensuring peace and stability throughout their respective sectors. Military forces deployed to a sector fall under the command of the Moff. Moffs regularly meet at the Moff's Council to discuss important issues and to receive orders from the Ruling Council and to further cooperation between each Moff.

The Council has a member from the Imperial Ruling Council to sit and oversee meetings, and an agent from COMPNOR to ensure loyalty to the Emperor and the New Order. The Council itself was located on Guritsan during the era of Bacharan Valak, and later moved to Dreven in the wake of the planet's devastation, and was later moved to Imperial Center after its capture by Imperial forces in 15 ABY.

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