The Mission to Forlec was a minor engagement fought between forces of the Galactic Empire and New Republic on the uninhabited world of Forlec, several light years outside Caspian Democratic Union space. On the Empire's behalf, the mission was led by Danik Kreldin to establish a listening outpost, near but outside of the Union's vaunted SONG network, for use in the upcoming Imperial Blitzkrieg. Forlec was chosen for its proximity to Union space and relative isolation from the rest of galactic traffic.

An Imperial outpost was soon established and garrisoned with a light team of combat specialists and communications experts, and a small TIE Interceptor unit. Kreldin would personally visit to oversee the outpost's installation.

Unfortunately for the Imperials, the New Republic was suspecting a possible Imperial excursion into the Union, and had seeded the entire region adjacent to Union space with agents, droids, or recon teams. In a stroke of coincidence, a roving recon squadron had alighted on Forlec to momentarily recuperate and detected the Imperial unit putting the finishing touches on their facility. With an advantage in air superiority, the Republicans enacted a short, bitter attack on the Imperial units, neutralizing all of the starfighters or their ability to take off. The garrison, however, fought on. A Republic commando team was briefly summoned and deployed as reinforcement, but it was repulsed. The outpost endured a rather staggering amount of damage, and with the element of stealth eliminated, Kreldin decided to abandon Forlec. The denial of Forlec as an outpost would lead Kreldin to enact a feint at Mikassa a week or so later.

While the Empire was denied the forward listening post, the effort did galvanize the Republic's suspicions that the Empire was going to come through this region at some point in the immediate future. Caution was increased and, as such, attention was diverted away from other locales, which is what Kreldin and his staff had hoped for anyway.

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