The Middle Rim Treaty Organization was established after the Second Griffons Campaign as a means to help protect the weakened Griffons Alliance and its neighbors from the Galactic Empire. The organization was spearheaded by Gyzen Bel, armiger of the Alliance.

The Organization included the Bothan Federation and numerous worlds of the Middle Rim not aligned with any galactic government, thus excluding Imperial, New Republic, and worlds of the Deralian Confederal Union. The MRTO proved futile, however; its organization was ineffective and it soon became too embroiled in internal division. The killing blow came in the 14 ABY Dacan Pandemic, when the Bothans, with no alternative, pulled out of the MRTO and joined the Empire as a member state. When the Imperial Blitzkrieg was initiated, many worlds of the MRTO fell to Imperial occupation, thus leaving the Griffons with scant support. The Organization died soon after.

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