Merc Richardson was a Captain in the Imperial Army who specialized in close-quarters combat and ship boarding operations. He joined the Army in 7 ABY and completed Officer Candidate's School in 8 ABY, and was assigned to a unit that was some of the first Imperial troops to land on Deralia during the Deralian Annexation Campaign. As a Lieutenant during the three-month long engagement, his unit was sent around to several locations around the Deralian landscape, all in an effort to break the deadlock around Trinumvira. After his unit lost four commanding officers (two as casualties, two as transfers to other units), he was given ad-hoc command of his remaining company and occupied a flank position during the final stages of the Siege of Trinumvira.

He would later be the commanding officer of the commando unit assembled by Danik Kreldin to infiltrate and capture the NRSD Templar during the Fourth Battle of Sullust. His success in capturing the Templar earned him much recognition in the Empire, and months later Kreldin would call on Richardson's services once more to infiltrate the NRSD Crusader during the Etti IV Crisis, where his team, including Tanis Cadell and Sandor Woden, successfully hijacked the ship's turbolasers and started the Second Battle of Etti IV. Cadell was wounded during the firefight aboard the Crusader and Richardson personally stayed behind to see Cadell to an escape pod, carrying him on his shoulders amidst heavy enemy fire. He left no soldier, alive or dead, behind on the Crusader, and his team escaped just moments before the Crusader herself was destroyed after a collision with the HIMS Conqueror.

Merc Richardson is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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