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"General, prepare your troops for a surface attack."
Darth Vader to Maximilian Veers

Maximilian Veers was a brilliant General of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Army, famous for his leadership at the assault on Hoth in 3 ABY and other battles. He also was the father of Zevulon Veers.


Early life and career (48 BBY0 BBY)Edit

Maximilian Veers was the son of a middle-class working family. He joined the Imperial Academy and graduated in the top of his class, and was given the rank of lieutenant upon graduation. Veers believed that the AT-ATs introduced during the Clone Wars perfectly represented the might of the Empire, and he joined the assault armor division of the Imperial Army in order to command the massive machines. From that point on, Veers's career was inextricably linked to the AT-AT walkers.

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Galactic Civil War (0 BBY3 ABY)Edit

"Colonel, you are too important to the Empire to languish in a prison camp."
Darth Vader, freeing Veers on Zaloriis

Veers's most notable success occurred at the Battle of Hoth when he was given the chance to correct a mistake caused by the incompetent Admiral Ozzel. General Veers lived up to both his reputation and Lord Vader's expectations by quickly deploying his armored regiment, designated Blizzard Force, into the Echo Base mountain valley and personally destroying the shield generator protecting the Rebel base.

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After Hoth (3 ABY—)Edit

Nearly a year later, General Veers was on a planetside mission when the Executor was destroyed over Endor. During the Post-Endor Imperial power struggle he cast his lot in with the Interim Ruling Council on Dreven, helping defend Imperial Center. Afterwards he was separated from the bulk of the Imperial fleet that retreated to Dreven or the Tarkin Corridor. He was isolated from the rest of the Empire, unable to acquire transportation for his brigade and more or less trapped on an Imperial backwater and cut-off from the rest of the remaining Imperial forces. He fought against incursions launched by warlords, remaining ever loyal to the Empire.

In 6 ABY he was scouted out and discovered by Admiral Russel Canis. Canis retrieved Veers and his units and set him to work with the Ruling Council. His first action upon his return was the Battle of Galenx II and the capture of Princess Leia Organa Solo.

He rose to prominence once more in 8 ABY when he led the Imperial ground assault during the Deralian Annexation Campaign. Veers was wounded during the Siege of Trinumvira, but continued to lead the assault until the Cessation of Occupation ended the war some months later. His fate after the Campaign is unknown.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Veers was a feature character before 2000. He has since been retired and is no longer playable. His status ICly, however, is unknown; it is presumed he continues to service within the Imperial Army.

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