Mandalore the Wise, or Mand'alor the Wise, is the current ruler of the Mandalorian clans. He is an old warrior in his mid-seventies, and a survivor of the Mandalorian Civil War. He keeps his true identity a secret even from his own people, wearing his helmet at all times, and going by the persona of Arema when not wearing his Mandalorian battle gear. He acquired the helmet of Mand'alor at some point before the Galactic Civil War.

He welcomed Wescal Cantrell and his companions to Mandalore as Amear during the former's quest to redeem his father's reputation by killing Largo Ritt. After Cantrell succeeded in his quest, Amear revealed himself to the party as Mand'alor, and allowed Cantrell to retrieve his father's Mandalorian battle armor from his burial site.

Mandalore the Wise is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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