Lieutenant Commander was a military rank found in a Navy, junior to a Commander.

In Imperial Service Edit

Template:Rank plate In the Imperial Navy, a Lieutenant Commander was a command-level rank located in between Lieutenant and Commander. They had demonstrated further tactical thinking and command ability than Lieutenants, and were given certain levels of authority in the Navy.

On a ship the size of a Star Destroyer, a Lieutenant Commander commanded a certain section of the ship or act as an assistant to a Commander or Captain. On smaller scale vessels, a Lieutenant Commander could act as Executive Officer, or even Commanding Officer, if the situation called for it.

A Lieutenant Commander was equivalent to a Squadron Leader in the Imperial Starfighter Corps.

In New Republic Service Edit

In Union Service Edit

The Caspian Navy saw Lieutenant Commanders employed as heads of departments, aides within departments, or the executive officer on small-to-medium-scale warships. The rank was frequently found on captains of smaller ships, such as sloops, cutters, pickets, or supply rigs. Naval installation coordinators were often of this rank. Many veteran pilots in the Naval Aerospace Arm were of this rank as well, and often led a flight within a squadron, if not the squadron itself. The Naval Intelligence Office had a few Lieutenant Commanders, acting as logistical aides for the command staff, or "handlers" for field agents.

As per traditional Caspian practice, the rank was pronounced "leftenant commander", and often abbreviated in discussion to "Litcom".

In Other Services Edit

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