The Library of the Republic is located in the Legacy Complex of New Alderaan, Ord Mantell. Built to resemble Alderaanian architecture, the library rises both high into the sky and delves deep into the ground, holding a wealth of knowledge from throughout the galaxy. It was built in 15 ABY, and sits at the northern edge of the Legacy Complex.

Description Edit

This impressive structure is built to be a large column, rising high into the air. Each floor is a balcony along the periphery, with transparisteel windows scattering each level in a unique pattern. The windows automatically tint to keep the light levels comfortable, allowing shafts of pinkish light to fall into the depths of the building. These levels are joined by classic stairwells built into the white stone walls, leading all the way up to a top level observation balcony circling the edges of a domed transparisteel skylight.

Some levels hold thousands upon thousands of classic, leather-bound books, where other levels contain data-records and computer archives. At the ground level, the column bores into the ground, where subteraanian levels are dedicated to archaeological finds, and archives of other physical materials, for their safekeeping and preservation. Many of these levels remain off-limits to casual visitors. Conference and study platforms hover on repulsors and can be moved amongst the levels as desired. Dataterminals are available in carrels for individual study on every floor.

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