The Legacy Complex is a special region of New Alderaan on Ord Mantell that is dedicated to the acquisition and peaceful application of knowledge. It was developed in 15 ABY, and rests between Caamasi Gardens and the primary New Alderaan Starport.

Description Edit

On the north edge of New Alderaan, the green hills hold a beautiful complex of varied buildings all dedicated to the acquisition and peaceful application of knowledge. The Legacy Complex is designed to honor the progressive world of Alderaan itself. The architecture is narrow and tall, with rounded edges and half-moon shaped window balconies, reflecting the royal architectures of Aldera. The base of the structures fan out, as if they were grown from the ground itself. The landscaping utilizes as much rock and stonework as it does grass and vegetation, yet another expert take on the look and feel of Alderaanian society. The three main areas are linked by an esplanade; a level park among the hills that connects the Library of the Republic, Remembrance Hospital, and the campus of Covenant College.

The esplanade itself is a large, groomed park that consists of winding white pathways through an arboretum. In the center of the arboretum is a memorial to Alderaan itself; a vast concave is carved out of the earth and lined with white stone steps, like an auditorium, with the holographic sphere of the memorial suspended in the center and half-visible above ground level.

Memorial Structure Edit

In the center of the white-stepped hollow in the earth, a holographic projection of Alderaan hangs in mid-air, turning slowly so that from dawn to dusk it completes a full rotation. When dark comes, the planet gives way to a projection of the stars that could have been seen above the planet, the night skies turned inside out and rolled into a sphere so that one may come and, finding the mark of a familiar city or landmark carved on the stairs, look at the sky that was.

Special Attractions Edit

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