Largo Ritt is a Mandalorian warrior. He was a participant of the Mandalorian Civil War and was originally a member of the True Mandalorian faction. He was very close friends with Narik Ordo and his wife. But during the war, he betrayed the True Mandalorians and joined the Death Watch. He tried to kill Narik, but failed; Narik escaped with his wife to Pakrik Minor where they raised Wescal Cantrell. Largo would later hunt down Narik, which led to Narik's death on Mandalore. Largo tarnished the reputation of Narik and his wife, sullying their good name.

In 17 ABY, Cantrell went on a quest to restore his parents' name and avenge their deaths. He hunted Largo to Mandalore and slew him in combat. After the engagement, he retrieved his father's Mandalorian battle armor.

Largo Ritt is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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