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Distinguished Service Medals Edit

  • Silver Star

Where as Lieutenant Commander Krieg Inrokana, for his over all action in the planning and execution of the Star Fighter operations for the Sixth Battle of Coruscant in 15 ABY as well as flawlessly performing numerous sorties is awarded the Silver Star.

  • Nova Cross

For his continued service in the Empire and the Imperial Starfighter Corps, and his heroic actions throughout several confrontations, including the Second Battle of Etti IV.

  • Bronze Star with one cluster

During combat, his fighter was caught in a tractor beam and at least three enemy starfighters assaulted him during this near-death scenario. But his heroism in the line of fire, his loyalty to the Empire, and skill saw him successfuly escape the tractor beam, even though his fighter was immensely damaged, and escaped to safety aboard the HIMS Dauntless.

By commendation from the Grand Admirals office for special duty on the planet Classified in service to the Empire you are hereby awarded the Bronze Star for upholding the highest standards of the Imperial Navy, the Starfighter Corps, and the Galactic Empire.

  • Tarkin Medallion

For wounds received in combat

  • COMPNOR Medallion (Second Class)

For showing loyal and dedicated service during the Corellian Corruption Scandal, and assisting with the detainment of traitorous segments within the Empire following Kreldin's Betrayal

Service Medals Edit

  • Palpatine Cluster

For being the top of his class during the Academy

  • Medal of Loyalty
  • Good Conduct Medal with three clusters

For establishing an example for all of War Shrike Squadron, past and in the future.

  • Long service medal with 1 silver star and 4 clusters

Victory Medals Edit

  • Galactic Civil War Medal
  • Grinndal Domination Medal

Campaign Medals Edit

  • Blitzkrieg Campaign Medal

Ribbons Edit

  • FighterOps Ribbon with one star of distinction
  • Ace Pilot Ribbon with 4 stars of distinction
  • Core Worlds Service Ribbon
  • Outer Rim Service Ribbon with one star of distinction
  • Corellian Service Ribbon
  • Retribution of Coruscant Ribbon

Chords Edit

  • One silver chord and five knots for his feats of bravery in combat
  • One silver chord and one knot for his feats of bravery in combat

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