The Kreldin family has been an influential and wealthy family for a thousand years prior to the Battle of Yavin. The family officially began with Davin Kreldin who established the Corellian House of Kreldin.

Davin was a powerful member of Corellian society, rooting himself in virtually all layers of government and business. He settled in a area of Coronet City that would eventually become the Kreldin Estate. Davin used his influence and powers to work his way high up in the Corellian kingdom, earning the attention of the King himself. Davin was made a Nobleman and granted his own Estate and territory.

As the centuries passed, the Kreldins continued to grow in stature and wealth. After the Corellian Kingdom came to an end, and the nobility stricken of their power, the Kreldins continued to act as an influencing force in Corellia. By 500 BBY, the Sindahar Mining Corporation was in full swing, led by Johan Kreldin. This corporation quickly spread throughout the galaxy, and its profits were staggering.

During the time of the Empire, the Kreldins were actively engaged in Imperial politics and the military. Kennith, Danik, Jinn were naval officers in the service of the Emperor over various courses of their life. Danik Kreldin eventually became the heir to Davin's Sith legacy, and would rise to extreme prominence in the Empire; however, his death would send the Kreldin family into a downward spiral, and their influence would diminish over time.

Notable KreldinsEdit

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