Korynn Fleming has been involved in a number of roleplay scenes that aren't listed on his own roleplay logs page. This summarizing list is in chronological order and contains links to every log posted to the wiki involving Korynn.

15 ABY Edit

Early Days Edit

These scenes document the early days of Korynn's emergence as a roving interrogator for Task Force Hammer.

  • Fleming Tortures Kyokusha
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on February 13, 2006).
    Kyokusha, a prisoner of the Empire, suffers under Fleming's abilities.
  • Fleming Interrogates Sandor
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on April 19, 2006).
    Korynn conducts a preliminary interrogation of an Imperial defector, before having him delivered to Grand Admiral Kreldin.
  • Brandis's Torture Begins
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on April 26, 2006).
    Fleming begins a terrifying and extensive procedure, aiming to break the recently captured Finian's mind.
    Due to scheduling difficulties, the remainder of Brandis's torturing was agreed to have happened off-camera.

The Breaking of Kyrin Edit

These scenes document the extensive torture and breaking of a rebel pilot named Kyrin Sh'vani, during the blockade of Coruscant that led toward its reoccupation by the Empire.

  • Guest of the Empire, part 4
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on July 5, 2006.
    After giving her time to sweat out a decision, Korynn finally manages to break Kyrin.
  • Guest of the Empire, part 5
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on July 6, 2006.
    Now that Kyrin has broken and divulged her information, Korynn begins testing her to find if she'd make a good candidate for re-education. Not long after this, she escapes while being transferred to an execution facility.
  • Guest of the Empire, part 7
    Posted by Kyrin Sh'vani on July 7, 2006.
    Slated for execution, Kyrin escapes aboard an experimental Star Destroyer. Korynn provides an introduction before handing the scene off for GM duties to Keline.

Task Force Inquisitor Edit

These scenes document Korynn's life as he receives a hefty promotion and an increase in responsibility.

  • Touch of the Dark Side
    Posted by Antoine Dareus on August 10, 2006.
    Fleming has some "business" to take care of in Corellia's Smuggler's Dig Cantina, but he leaves the scene before it gets real messy.
  • Corellia, Corellia
    Posted by Antoine Dareus on August 16, 2006.
    In part of this scene, Korynn locks down the Coronet City starport after rebel dissidents are handed to him.

The Corellian Corruption ScandalEdit

These scenes take place during the Corellian Corruption Scandal of 15 ABY. This is where Korynn starts to show his true power and the extend of his capabilities.

  • Revisiting Colonel Virda
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on October 10, 2006.
    The Corellian Corruption Scandal has broken into the open, triggering the Empire to use its COMPNOR and Stormtrooper assets to lock down CorSec and aide with enforcing martial law on Corellia. The ISB System Director and Darth Malign team up to question CorSec's Colonel Twila Virda, who had recently undergone a minor COMPNOR re-education, and many things change in the course of the questioning.
  • Imperial Clampdown
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on October 11, 2006.
    A long and involved scene, covering the initial stages of the Empire's clampdown on Corellia during the Corellian Corruption Scandal. The four scenes cover an ISB meeting, coordination efforts between Fleming and the 501st, Governor Laran's arrest, and a torture scene aboard a COMPNOR shuttle.
  • Caspar's "Good Faith"
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on October 17, 2006.
    The scandal takes a turn for the worse. While interrogations of Governor Laran and CorSec Colonel Virda prove unproductive, something bigger has happened. Two ambassadors in custody aboard the HIMS Inquisitor are mysteriously broken out of prison before they can be questioned. On Deralia, the escape of Ambassadors Dareus and Quinn ignite a political situation that could explode into war.
  • Nelhrn's Loyalty
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on October 18, 2006.
    Critical intelligence has come in secrecy to the hands of ISB. This intelligence tells of a potential coup led by Grand Admiral Danik Kreldin, who was presumed dead at the Retribution of Coruscant. The HIMS Inquisitor is completely locked down by Warlord Korolov, and as ISB begins questioning all officers, Korynn conducts an interview with Commander Keline Nelhrn. Her information opens a rather nasty can of worms.
  • Loki's Confession
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on October 23, 2006.
    A TIE fighter pilot was implicated as being involved in Danik Kreldin's attempt to take down Emperor Vadim. After being arrested and detained, Fleming interrogates the pilot, and so begins Loki's journey of fate.
  • Juran's Interrogation
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on October 27, 2006.
    Juran Reinzhiner, also implicated as being part of the Kreldin coup, is arrested and interrogated. His nosy alien shipmate, Kyokusha, is also arrested, and victimized at the mercy of Korynn's Piranha beetles to make sure Juran spills everything he has.
  • Brig: Day Four
    Posted by Lynae Cassius on October 30, 2006.
    After Lynae and Dareus have turned themselves in for crimes against the Empire, and after some initial interrogations have commenced, Korynn comes in to ask Lynae his questions. He leaves her in a wrecked state, but the worst is yet to come.
  • Brig: Day Five
    Posted by Lynae Cassius on October 31, 2006.
    The final test for Lynae and Dareus, their punishment, and their exile. A moment of gut-wrenching loss and suffocating pain. (Note: scene contains graphic and thematically dark issues)

The New Sith Order Edit

  • Fleming's Abduction (part two)
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on January 19, 2007.
    Korynn discovers who his abductors really are, which launches him into a whirlwind of revelations that both stun, shock, and anger him.
  • Fleming Joins the Sith
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on January 20, 2007.
    Korynn has been considering his situation for some time, but the presence of Lynae Cassius, one he considered a traitor, disrupts his cool approach to the situation. Both of them are introduced to the organization by Darth Malign, and while Korynn heartedly agrees to join, Lynae isn't so easily convinced.
  • Korynn is Discovered at Selene
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on February 19, 2007.
    Korynn's reinsertion plan has been put in place, the stages set in motion. After his body is found frozen in carbonite in a smuggler’s hold, his re-insertion plan is now truly beyond the point of no return. It will be a battle of wills for Korynn to survive.
  • The Interrogation of Korynn (Part 1)
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on February 21, 2007.
    Dreven commences with Korynn's interrogation. Korynn works cleverly to deflect the nature of his situation, drawing scapegoats on both Dreven and the CSA. However, Dreven nearly uncovers that Korynn is indeed hiding certain secrets. To that effect, Dreven is forced to raise the odds by threatening the life of Fleming's parents.

16 ABY Edit

  • Interrogation Training Day 1
    Posted by Liza Molokai on March 5, 2007.
    Now that the escape and evasion training is over, it's the ISB's turn to hone their skills.
  • Squid Lake: ISB Briefing
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on March 28, 2007.
    Sector Director Fleming has just issued a rather complex directive for ISB, which has been mobilizing for Operation Squid Lake. Before departing for the surgical operation that will give him an adequate field disguise, he meets with Vextin Mandor, the Navy tactician who devised the operation.
  • Squid Lake: Infiltrating Aquarius
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on April 5, 2007.
    Korynn has taken up the identity of HJek Pathon, and has begun to infiltrate Dac society. His disguise involves that of an independent spacer who has been stranded on the planet. He makes contact with one of his agents in the Domed City of Aquarius.
  • Squid Lake: Whaladon Spark
    Posted by Korynn Fleming on April 11, 2007.
    After hanging out in Quarren territory for a few days, Korynn has managed to spark the first bit of outward racial hate, by subtly directing the manner of conversation. Twila Virda comes in at the end of a showdown at The Whaladon Pub, where the Quarren have forced their Mon Calamari brethren to leave.
  • How Much is Too Much?
    Posted by Shael Edur on November 7, 2007.
    Shael finds her limitations during a session of her interrogation and re-education. Korynn plays an NPC ISB agent.

18 ABY Edit

  • Never Go Against Family
    Posted by Wrista Ipex on February 15, 2009.
    After In Plain Sight, Tydirium tracks the prisoner shuttles to the world of Yaartsek, where the real work is still ahead of the team. Unknown to Wrista, her family is not the only players in the facility-- an old enemy awaits inside, as well as an old friend.

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